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Burnside Business Park Directory

Burnside News

Eco-Efficiency Centre

Economic Development

Greater Halifax Partnership

Halifax Business Parks

Halifax Chamber of Commerce

Halifax International Airport Authority

HRM’s Business Parks Functional Plan

HRM Municipal Services

HRM Regional Planning

NS Business Inc.

NS Provincial Business Parks

NS Provincial Gov’t

Port of Halifax

Below is a list of HRM Councillors' websites and e-mail address.

Dist 1 Steve Streatch
Dist 2 Barry Dalrymple
Dist 3 David Hendsbee
Dist 4 Lorelei Nicoll
Dist 5 Gloria McCluskey
Dist 6 Andrew Younger
Dist 7 Bill Karsten
Dist 8 Jackie Barkhouse
Dist 9 Jim Smith
Dist 10 Mary Wile
Dist 11 Patrick Murphy
Dist 12 Dawn Sloane
Dist 13 Sue Uteck
Dist 14 Jennifer Watts
Dist 15 Russell Walker
Dist 16 Debbie Hum
Dist 17 Linda Mosher
Dist 18 Stephen Adams
Dist 19 Brad Johns
Dist 20 Bob Harvey
Dist 21 Tim Outhit
Dist 22 Reg Rankin
Dist 23 Gary Meade

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