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Burnside Key Component to Atlantic Gateway Strategy
09-Sep-10 10:50 | GBBA Board

With its strategic location, the Burnside Park plays a key role in the Atlantic Gateway and should play an even larger role in the years to come.

Read the full story by Richard Woodbury at The Burnside News

McNeil says Burnside Expressway would be a Liberal Priority
07-Sep-10 22:15 | GBBA Board

Stephen McNeil is the first leader of a major political party in Nova Scotia to actively seek out the Greater Burnside Business Association to find out what needs to be done to keep the Burnside Business Park healthy and growing.

Read the full story by Ken Partridge at The Burnside News

GBBA Chair Responds to the 'End of Burnside'

05-Jul-10 20:32 | GBBA Board

Is the 'End of Burnside' upon us as the park's remaining land area becomes developed? GBBA Chair Nancy Sweeney responds to the speculation.

Click here to read Nancy's future vision for Burnside.

GBBA May Become a BID

05-Jul-10 20:23 | GBBA Board

At its annual AGM in May the GBBA announced its plan to become a business improvement district.
Read the full story at The Burnside News.

Burnside Leadership Runs in the Family

05-Jul-10 20:18 | GBBA Board

Former GBBA Chair Kelvin Sams and father Ralph Sams are recognized as Burnside leaders in the July issue of the Burnside News.
Read the full story at The Burnside News.

Carbon Sequestration Study Focuses on Burnside
12-Jun-10 12:22 | GBBA Board

Alison Walsh a Master of Environmental Studies student, at Dalhousie University, will be studying how to enhance the carbon sequestration and storage potential in the future urban forest of Burnside Industrial Park (BIP). The goal of Alison's thesis will be to examine the potential biophysical potential for improvement of the BIP urban forest, principally in terms of establishing more trees of appropriate species on suitable sites. Of particular interest to this research is the potential for supporting another business in Burnside, one that would expand and tend to the urban forest in park with funding from companies investing in carbon offsets.

To learn more about Alison's project please see the attached 2-page briefing. Alison will be providing updates to the GBBA, which we will bring to the membership.               

Long Time Board Members Pinsent and Partridge Bid Adieu

27-May-10 21:47 | GBBA Board

Tom Pinsent of Scotiabank and Ken Partridge of The Burnside News, both long time board members of the GBBA, bid farewell on May 20th as both retired after the end of their terms as Directors.  Nancy Sweeney, Chair, on behalf of the Board presented each with a parting gift and wished them well.  “Two of our favourite people and most tremendous supporters are leaving the Board today,”  said Sweeney.  “We shall miss their enthusiasm and unwavering support for Burnside.  Both Ken and Tom have a deep love for our community and we shall miss their input greatly.”  Best of luck to both Tom and Ken.  Hope to see you relaxing at the events now.

GBBA's 5 Year Strategic Plan
27-May-10 21:44 | GBBA Board

Nancy Sweeney, Chair of the GBBA, presented the GBBA’s 5 year Strategic Plan to members and guests at the Annual General Meeting, held at Empire Theatres on May 20, 2010.  In the presentation, Nancy outlined the Board activities since December 2009 and the events that lead up and followed the Strategic Planning meeting in January.  Click here for details.

Metro Transit Proposes Significant Upgrades for Burnside Service

01-May-10 12:28 | GBBA Board

The Greater Burnside Business Association (GBBA) has spoken out about the need for improved transit services within and to the Park for many years and appears Metro transit is now listening.

In its recently released five-year strategic plan, the transit service makes frequent reference to Burnside as an area it considers a priority for improvement. The plan calls Burnside and surrounding Dartmouth communities “the second largest destination” it serves next to downtown Halifax. As such, the plan calls for restructuring of several routes (including Routes 16, 52, 56, 64, 66, 72 and 85); creation of new routes to link Burnside with such areas as Sherwood Park; and the creation of a central terminal or transfer point in the Park.

Read the full Burnside News article, please click here.

To read the full report on Metro Transit's new five-year strategic plan as it was presented to Regional Council, please click here.

Pedestrian Bridge Completion - Update

01-May-10 12:26 | GBBA Board

Beginning Monday, April 26, 2010, and continuing for approximately four weeks, Dexter Construction will be completing work on the Highfield Park Pedestrian bridge.  During this time the pedestrian bridge will be closed to all foot traffic.   

During this work there will also be intermittent lane closures on Highway 111 in both directions.

Motorists should expect delays and are requested to find alternate routes. HRM apologizes in advance for any inconvenience this delay may cause. 

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